Welcome to my blog!

Here you'll find my ramblings about hair bows, crafts and boutique chatter for children. In the past, I ran a children's boutique. While the recession forced the doors closes, I've never given up my passion for hair bows, smocking, dresses, etc...

With 10 years experience of hair bow making and designing, my specialty has become mini korker hair bows. While I still make hair bows of all shapes, sizes and forms, my niche is korkers. Currently, these bows are for sell directly, at craft shows, on Etsy and eBay. When time allows I do custom orders. I will also consider wholesale and retailer orders of my korker hair bows and my Facebook page. Please inquire if interested or find me at my Esty or Facebook page. Thanks for visiting!

Elegant Monogrammed Hair Bow

Blue with White Elegant Monogram Hair Bow
Monogramming began as lettering and/or symbols to mark prestigious and noble families' items. Here in the South, it really doesn't matter your background.. Monogramming is Big! and the Bigger! the Better!

I made this monogrammed blue hair bow, with a white, elegant lettering for a client. I was tired of the same old interlacing vine font, so I found this font. While it's much different, it's every much just as elegant and includes scrolling script. 

I love making things that are different, and tinkering with patterns. I just haven't decided if I like the looks of the letters on the bow to go down the ribbon, or across the ribbon best. Some fonts won't work across, and this is an example. That's why sometimes, these type of font is more suitable for different style bows, other than the boutique bow. 
Kindergarten Hair Bow!
I had a request a few years ago to make a back-to-school hair bow for a little girl. The original was made with white ribbon and a green center. I made this bow in 2016 for a little girl's first day of kindergarten to match her school uniform. I have to say, that I'm liking it more than the original. However, I know the colors are less than traditional back to school apparel.

Once I'm out of nursing school, and can purchase a commercial embroidery machine, I want to start doing more with applique clothing. Hopefully, I can make back to school outfits in time for my niece's first day of school. The variety of back to school outfits are overwhelming, but they are so cute! We never had stuff like this when I was a kid. I remember I had a green dress with a yellow apple on it, and that was about the extent of it.

What to do when the ends of your bows start to fray!

We've all had hair bows that began to fray out after so many wears. So, you may find yourself asking "How do I fix frayed hair bows or keep hair bows from fraying?"

Well, there are a couple of different things you can try... but the first, most important step is figuring out what the ribbon is made of. Most ribbon is made of polyester, nylon, or some other synthetic fiber. There are some ribbons made of cotton, and cotton blends.

*caution - use caution and at your own risk. I am not responsible if you destroy your bow, burn yourself or something/somebody else*

If the ribbon is polyester, the best fastest thing to do is to run a lighter quickly along the edge. If it didn't seal the ribbon the first time, just repeat. You do have to move quickly or the ribbon will melt too much or black will appear (especially on white ribbon).

If you'd rather not risk melting your bow, setting it on fire, don't know the material the ribbon is made of etc.. you can use fray check on it. I personally did not like the stuff in the clear bottle that's labeled "fray check". I did find this hand quilters fray stuff from a sewing store that is lovely.

*warning, you may check to see if the fray check will stain the ribbon on the underside before using.

I'm in the process of starting a youtube channel. I got my camera, but my tripod hasn't arrived yet. I plan to release a video series and will include a video about sealing ribbon and repairing hair bows.
Go Bama! Made this Alabama themed hair bow as a gift for my Bama friend.

Bulldozers for Girls

I've neglected this blog for awhile, as I've spent the past two years in nursing school. So, I'm getting passionate again about hair bows. I made this little bulldozer hair bow for little girl. Her brother's birthday party was bulldozer themed. She had a matching outfit, and her mom requested I make a hairbow. I have to admit, at first I didn't know how I'd make this thing girly, but I was pleased with the results.

The black, yellow, and white compliment each other well, in a scheme that's different from the typical bumble bee colors. I did have a hard time trying to decide what type of center to place on the bow. I wanted a hard hat feltie... but in my search for designs, I didn't see any I was fond of. So I went with this circle monogram feltie on this bow, that made everyone happy! Yay!

I couldn't decide if I wanted to purchase more bulldozer ribbon and make these on a regular basis. It's hard to know if there would be a demand, so it's my hope that throught this blog post, I will see how popular it is. Tell me what you think. Best wishes to everyone for a happy new year!
Bulldozer Monogrammed Hair Bow