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Here you'll find my ramblings about hair bows, crafts and boutique chatter for children. In the past, I ran a children's boutique. While the recession forced the doors closes, I've never given up my passion for hair bows, smocking, dresses, etc...

With 10 years experience of hair bow making and designing, my specialty has become mini korker hair bows. While I still make hair bows of all shapes, sizes and forms, my niche is korkers. Currently, these bows are for sell directly, at craft shows, on Etsy and eBay. When time allows I do custom orders. I will also consider wholesale and retailer orders of my korker hair bows and my Facebook page. Please inquire if interested or find me at my Esty or Facebook page. Thanks for visiting!

How to Fix Fraying Ribbon

Learn how to fix fraying ribbon and add more life to your hair bows and dress sashes. Ribbon will ravel out and fray if the ends are not treated or sealed in some fashion. Even when they are sealed, with extended wear, ribbon can begin to ravel and fray. Try these tricks to fix your ribbons.

1) Heat Seal - It's VERY important to use this method on 100% polyester ribbon only. Most (but not all) organza, satin and grosgrain ribbon are polyester. Simply trim off any excess frayed ribbon on the ends. Then take a lighter and quickly run the flame across the ends. It must be quickly to just seal and not melt the ends. It might be necessary to run the flame across the end more than once. Some ribbon has rough, thicker edges than others. Organza and Satin ribbons will burn the quickest, so be careful!

2) Liquid Fray Check - This product will send the ends of any type of fabric or ribbon. However, you should check the fabric/ribbon ahead of time for staining. I don't like using liquid fray check unless necessary because it can stain or leave watermarks on the material. This type of sealing method seems less permanent to me as well. It doesn't hold up as well as the heat method. However, it is best to use the fray check if you are unaware if the ribbon is polyester or not and if there is a danger of ruining other parts of a hair bow or dress by using a flame.

To apply the liquid, place a small, thin stream directly above the end of the ribbon. Allow it to dry, then trim off the edge. It might take it several hours to dry. I would wait at least overnight before trimming. Be careful where you lay the material to dry. I like to hold the wet part up off any surface. The substance is kind of sticky.

If you have any questions about fixing your hair bows or sealing the ends of ribbon, please don't hesitate to ask me. I'm happy to help you get the most out of your hair bows.

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