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Here you'll find my ramblings about hair bows, crafts and boutique chatter for children. In the past, I ran a children's boutique. While the recession forced the doors closes, I've never given up my passion for hair bows, smocking, dresses, etc...

With 10 years experience of hair bow making and designing, my specialty has become mini korker hair bows. While I still make hair bows of all shapes, sizes and forms, my niche is korkers. Currently, these bows are for sell directly, at craft shows, on Etsy and eBay. When time allows I do custom orders. I will also consider wholesale and retailer orders of my korker hair bows and my Facebook page. Please inquire if interested or find me at my Esty or Facebook page. Thanks for visiting!

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Hair Bows

Kids are rough on their stuff. Sometimes they wad up their hair bows or shove them in drawers causing wrinkles in the ribbon. How can you give new life to those old hair bows? Well, it depends on the type of bow and ribbon, but most bows are easily taken care of.

Most likely your hair bow is made of polyester. Most grosgrain and satin is polyester. However, some are blends.

I don't recommend steaming organza at all. I once steamed a dress and it altered the texture of the organza. Getting the wrinkles out of an organza hair bow will be nearly impossible, to retain the shape. You can try wetting it and shaping it, but I've never had much luck.

Take the part that is wrinkled and hold both ends, sort of stretching the wrinkled part. Hold it over (not on) a burning light bulb of a lamp. Careful not to burn yourself or touch the ribbon directly onto the ribbon. Don't hold it in the same spot too long either. The heat of the light bulb acts as an iron, but gives a good shape to work with the loops of the hair bows.

You can also use a narrow, low setting flat iron. I would only use a cheap one! No Chi flat irons!

*Warning - My advice is based on my experiences with my bows. I'm not there and can't verify what type of bow or ribbon you have. So use this advice with caution and at your own risk.

Headbands for School Uniforms

School Uniforms can be a bit dull. Headbands made to match school uniforms can give those boring outfits just a touch of personality. Plus, headband are appropriate for all ages K-12 and even college. The headbands can be made in any size from 1/2" to 2", with the 1" size being the most popular for the younger girls and the 1 1/2" being the most popular for the preteen and up range. These school uniform headbands can also be made with up one, two, three or even four different colors.

Adding a Hair Bow to the Woven Headband:

For younger, or more frilly girls, hair bows can even be added on. These two pieces can be worn separately or even together as a duo. Most style hair bows look great on these and as long as it has an alligator clip, it can easily be placed on and off. I think the korker type bows look super sweet with the woven headbands, but for older girls, the boutique, pinwheel or tuxedo style bow might be a better choice.

M2M Gymboree Growing Flowers Line

In shades of green, tangerine, blue, white, pink and brown, this bow/headband set is made to match Gymboree's Growing Flowers Line. The line was released in December of 2011, but is the first to appear of the new spring items.

This set is a woven 1" headband and a matching korker hair bow. The set can be worn together, or separate. Perfect for one girl, or to share with sisters or friends. The headband will fit most children and adults. I can make these sets to match any Gymboree line, current or past.

I look forward to making more of these style sets because they are just too stinking cute!!!

How to Fix Fraying Ribbon

Learn how to fix fraying ribbon and add more life to your hair bows and dress sashes. Ribbon will ravel out and fray if the ends are not treated or sealed in some fashion. Even when they are sealed, with extended wear, ribbon can begin to ravel and fray. Try these tricks to fix your ribbons.

1) Heat Seal - It's VERY important to use this method on 100% polyester ribbon only. Most (but not all) organza, satin and grosgrain ribbon are polyester. Simply trim off any excess frayed ribbon on the ends. Then take a lighter and quickly run the flame across the ends. It must be quickly to just seal and not melt the ends. It might be necessary to run the flame across the end more than once. Some ribbon has rough, thicker edges than others. Organza and Satin ribbons will burn the quickest, so be careful!

2) Liquid Fray Check - This product will send the ends of any type of fabric or ribbon. However, you should check the fabric/ribbon ahead of time for staining. I don't like using liquid fray check unless necessary because it can stain or leave watermarks on the material. This type of sealing method seems less permanent to me as well. It doesn't hold up as well as the heat method. However, it is best to use the fray check if you are unaware if the ribbon is polyester or not and if there is a danger of ruining other parts of a hair bow or dress by using a flame.

To apply the liquid, place a small, thin stream directly above the end of the ribbon. Allow it to dry, then trim off the edge. It might take it several hours to dry. I would wait at least overnight before trimming. Be careful where you lay the material to dry. I like to hold the wet part up off any surface. The substance is kind of sticky.

If you have any questions about fixing your hair bows or sealing the ends of ribbon, please don't hesitate to ask me. I'm happy to help you get the most out of your hair bows.

How to Make a Hair Bow for Daisy Scouts

Learn how to make a hair bow for your little Daisy Scout!

I put together this tutorial so that mother and/or scout leaders can make hair bows for the Daisies. This is pretty simple as long as you have some patience. I made this one rather large just for the purpose of the tutorial. You might want to scale your Daisy Scout hair bow down.

Supplies Needed:
  • 10 grosgrain ribbon stripes that match Daisy Scout colors (these are cut 7 inches long in this tutorial, but I made one using 6 inch ribbons after)
  • Lighter to seal the ribbon
  • Long needle and embroidery floss
  • Small piece of felt (optional)
  • Got glue or fabric glue
  • Buttons or other garnish for the center
  • Hair clips, bands, etc..
Step 1:
Gather your supplies and seal the edges of the ribbon. Do this by quickly running the ends of the ribbon through the flame of the lighter. *Make sure your ribbon is 100% polyester or else!*
Step 2:
Arrange the ribbons in the "color wheel" of the Daisy Scout.
-Green, light pink, lavender, light blue, yellow, bright green, red, orange, purple and hot pink

Step 3:
Beginning with the first color on your "wheel", fold the ribbon strip in half.

Step 4:
Now fold the edges over on each side, lining the ribbon up on all ends. It will resemble a heart, sort of. *Picture explains this better*
Step 5:
Run the bottom edges through a piece of thread, placing it in the middle of the thread.

Step 6:
Continue doing step 5 for all of the ribbons, being sure to hold them all near the middle of the strand of thread.

Step 7:
Once you have finished all of the ribbons, you can might want to put a small dot of glue between the ribbons and then tie them in a circle OR tie them off in a circle, then add the glue.Be sure you don't tie the ribbon off too tightly though. If you are gluing your bow to a large hard surface, like a plastic headband, you can wait and glue it on there. However, I glue mine onto a small felt circle to hold the shape after I tie it off. This worked well for me. The flower hair bow needs some sort of support.

Step 8:
Once your flower structure is secure, you can add a middle by using a button, flower, or some other type of garnish. *The one I used is just something I had on hand, wasn't the best pick*

*You can also fan out your hair bow as seen in the picture, but do that before gluing it together!

Step 9:
Attach your made to match Daisy Scout hair bow to a clip, headband, etc.. You can also make a brooch out of these or attach them to a hat, even flip flops. *You might want to do a better job than me at aligning the colors, I didn't pay attention when I glued it down until it was too late.*

Please visit my Etsy store for hair bows. I plan to include a full line of "Made to Match Girl Scouts" hair bows and accessories as I find time to add them to my library. In the meantime, you can contact me at my shop or my facebook page about custom orders.

To keep up-to-date on the latest Girl Scout happenings, visit this awesome blog from MommyMommyMommy... After all, she knows best!
Girl Scout Leaders Blog

Thanks for visiting!

M2M LSU Mini Korker Hair Bows

LSU's (Louisiana State University) colors are purple and golden. Many times there will be some white thrown into the mix. I had a special request for these LSU colored mini korker hair bows earlier today. They are pretty cute. These little bows are great for showing team spirit. They actually look like little cheerleader pompoms.

Slowly, I'm trying to add more and more school colors to my shop. I can always make some at request. To be honest, I'm not a big sports fan so this is an area of hair bows I'm having to learn.

Zebra Pony O Streamer

Zebra print is more popular than ever. However, a little goes a big distance. Zebra striped ribbon looks best when mixed with solids and polka dots. I made these streamer with that in mind for older girls.

Shocking pink, white and black is an excellent combination for this type of hair bow accessory. It can be made longer or shorter upon request. I actually put spikes at the top to give it a more polished and hair bow look over the simple square knot on the streamers.

Valentine Funky Loop Hair Bow

This Valentine funky loop hair bow is a contestant in a competition at Hairbow Wars over at Facebook. The administrator of this Hairbow contest welcomes friendly hair bow makers and fans to enter and vote on their favorites. There is always a theme and this month's theme is Valentines - Love is in the Bow.

Usually about the 14th of the month, the new bow pictures are posted. Hair bow lovers then vote on their favorites. The winner gets to pick next month's inspiration. This contest is a great way for hair bow makers to promote their work and business, and for fans to find unique outlets for purchasing. It's really a great group of gals (possible a few guys, who am I to discriminate?) Again, it's for nice, friendly people. No trolls or sour grapes!

The Valentine funky loop bow contains over 10 yards of ribbons and trims - glitter, tulle, grosgrain, stripes, polka dots, conversation hearts and solids. It's an explosion of pink gooey goodness.

Horse Accessories

Horse print ribbon is really cute for the cowgirl in us all. The pony O streamer pictured is great for older girls who have outgrown boutique style hair bows. I used over 2 yards of ribbon to create this hair accessory.

I usually attach them to the metal free ponytail holders. However, I can attach them to alligator clips or french clips. Most people tend to want these metal free because of school regulations. Sports will have a no metal policy that includes hair clips.

How to Starch Hair Bows?

You may need to know how to starch hair bows due to flimsy ribbon. Some grosgrain ribbons are thin or shiny, and don't hold shape that well. Believe it or not, there are several different methods that can be used to stiffen hair bows.

This article, written by myself, discuss 5 different ways on How to Stiffen Hair Bows. I have used all 5 methods and discuss the ones that I like best and the pros and cons involved in the process. I hope that you can learn from my experience. Not only will starching a hair bow help it to hold shape, it acts as a barrier to protect the ribbon from staining, which little ones are notorious for.

You don't have to be a crafty person to apply some of the methods in the article to your little girl's bows. Some processes are as simple as 1, 2, 3... maybe even more so. Please let me know in a comment here or at the article if you have any questions.

Rainbow Korker Hair Bow

Rainbow striped ribbon mixed with solids and polka dots makes a vivid, adorable hair bow. While pastels and brights are great, sometimes it's good to get back to primaries. I remember in the 1980s having dark jeans with rainbows embroidered on the back pockets. How cute would this bow had been with those?

I don't remember ever seeing korker hair bows as a child. It doesn't mean they didn't exist, but the internet sure has made it handy to find more unique products. I doubt the Woolworths had too many hair bows to pick from in the 80s. Of course, most of my clothes were made from fabric samples from the remnants house. Then sewing was necessity, now it's a skill many wished they had learned. The arts and crafts movement is strong and hopefully more people will take sewing in school now.

I can make these hair bow in sets, smaller, clips, etc... I can't make it in the mini korkers. I'll be happy when I can find a place to buy printed 1/4" grosgrain ribbon!

Soft Winter Colors

Soft colors are not just for winter time. When I was a child, you'd never see anyone wearing pastels in the winter time. Those soft shades of colors were reserved for spring time.

In honor of the "Soft Winter" collection from Hanna Andersson, I made these mini korker hair bows.

  • Wild Orchid
  • Light Blue
  • Taupe
  • Sage Green
These hair bows are not vivid but still super fun! I like colorful accessories, but sometimes it's just too much. I never was much into the neon colors, expect for a tiny stage in the 80s... but let's forget about that. I guess ever generation has their moments.

Cotton Candy Hair Bows

Cotton candy hair bows will take you back in time to carnivals, festivals and fairs that were visited. The soft shades of blues and pinks are just what that sugar floss candy looks like when mixed on a large display.

Hair bows are best made when they are inspired by a subject, just like art. When I was a child, cotton candy was a real treat. My brothers and I would only get it at the fall festivals at school. Now, it's easier to have this treat more often. Many of the local grocery stores sell it year round now. While I'm glad it is more accessible, I think it would remain more special if it weren't.

With appliques being more popular than ever for little girls, it really goes allow one to be more creative with the color combination and inspiration for hair bows. Remember the old days when hair bows were limited to strictly 1 solid color. I think this might be the number one reason that many people starting making their own.

M2M Merry Occasions

This M2M Merry Occasions hair bow was a special request ribbon hair bow from a customer. I made this one in particular to fit onto an infant headband. It measures about 2 3/4 inches across. I made a matching mini korker set for the older sister, which measure right at 2 inches round each. The colors include: black, cranberry and ivory.

I plan to introduce more M2M products in the future... in the meantime, you know what to do. Just simply put in a request!

Moonstitched Ribbon

What is moonstitched ribbon? It's a grosgrain hair bow ribbon that is edged with a crocheted type trim. The trim can be described as a scalloped edge lace. It's important if you are planing to heat seal the edges of this ribbon, that it be 100% polyester.

This adorable moonstitched ribbon was bought at The Hair Bow Center. The only draw back, is that it is a bit flimsy compared to some of the other brands. However, this can be solved by using stiffeners.

Moonstitched ribbon offers a bit of variety with bows, while retaining simplicity. Sometimes simple is better... or even better is simply elegant. Over-the-top bows are great at times, but not for every occasion. This trimmed ribbon can be used for other crafts and scrapbooking. It looks great fused over regular ribbons.

In the future, I plan to get more of this style in. However, if you want a special color or bow beforehand, just let me know. I do custom work with a smile =).

Smocked Candy Cane Dress

This smocked candy cane dress is made by Little Threads. It is from about 4 seasons ago. I got this dress for my niece. Little Threads is absolutely one of my favorite boutique lines of clothing for little girls and boys. When I had a children's boutique store in the past, I bought several of Little Thread's lines, including their sister lines from Fancy Threads. The smocking and fabrics are top of the line. The owners are very friendly and I've always been a firm believer in working with good people.

I haven't been able to view any of their recent lines, since my son is too old for their clothing and I no longer have a shop. However, I suggest anyone who is in the market for this type of clothing to ask your local boutiques about the brand. Each season, they really have great designs. This is in part because from my understanding, the owner actually comes up with her own smocking patterns. This allows the line to be different from those who use mass production factories to design the products.

One of my favorites in the past was the butterfly collection and the smocked baking frogs, which literally flew off the racks. Little Threads has some beautiful and trendy appliques on top of their smocked products. The little newborn gowns are gorgeous!

Hot Pink & Black Hair Bows

I love these little sets of hot pink and black mini pinwheel bows for girls. The are great alone or used as a set for pigtails. The can be for the smallest of toddlers to the girlie, girl in older girls.

These sets I make, are very economical and can be enjoyed as a set or shared among sisters and friends. The hair bows are made with a double layer of pinwheels. The solid layer is first, then a polka dotted top. I made the centers flat, but I can put knotted centers if preferred.

I'm flexible in the centers of my bows. It's just hard to please everyone when making a listing. So, if you see a hair bow you like, but aren't happy with the center, just let me know what I can do to make you happy.

I hope to add more sets like this soon, but time is a factor in making very size, shape, color and variety of hair bow possible. There is just too many colors, sizes and types to make them all!

Orange White Polka Dot PonyOs

I'm planning an addition to my shop soon with these adorable PonyOs. These PonyOs will be available in different colors and the attachments will be offered in alligator clips, french clips and even ouchless ponytail holders.

I'm very excited about this new addition. These type of hair bows are suitable for older girls. They can even be used for sport teams, cheerleaders and other organizations.

If become interested in these before I get them listed in my shop, please contact me. I can take orders now.

Black, Shocking Pink & White Over the Top Hair Bow

When time allows, I enjoy making over the top hair bows. This one, in black, shocking pink and white was a custom order for a customer. It has 16 total spikes all layered upon a large boutique bow, then it's topped with a smaller boutique bow with a knotted center. I love the contrasting colors, the polka dots and the stripes together.

While this bow might not be extreme enough for some peoples' taste, I can make more extreme hair bows to suit the big funky hair bow lovers!

Because so much time is spent making the korkers, I rarely make and post these for sale in my shop. I do hope to find time in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to contact me if you'd like a quote and bow made. My workshop has a huge variety of different colored and patterned ribbons. A photograph would always be sent for your inspection and critique before purchasing. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to me as a hair bow artist.


What a perfect way to show team spirit! Korker hair bows can be made in team colors, but even better they actually resemble cheerleader pompoms! This korker hair bow is made to match the Florida Gators. The Florida Gators (The University of Florida) team colors are blue and orange. I mixed a little bit of white in with the colors to make the blue and orange burst out more. This is not official merchandise, nor do I endorse it to be. I just simply made this bow to match any apparel that might be. Of course, I'm sure there is a large amount of schools who's team colors are blue and orange. This is a royal blue, not navy.

Here in Kentucky, we are proud to show our team spirit. I'm sure Gators fans are as well. This hair bow will soon appear in my Etsy shop. I'm working on all major school colors currently. If your team colors are not seen, please let me know. In addition to regular korkers, I'm working on the minis. Soon I plan to add boutique, pinwheel and extreme layered bows as well. It's a working process. So please contact me for custom orders.

Please leave me a comment if you wish expressing your favorite teams to support. I can't say I'm too knowledgeable in sports teams. We are big Kentucky Wildcat fans of course. My son's room is decorate from top to bottom in blue and white. How lucky are we that our local high school's team colors are blue and white too? It sure does save us some money!

Pink & Green Korker Hair Bow

Pink and green goes together so well. It's a nice contrasting combination of colors. Now only can you use different shades of pinks, like light, shocking, hot and regular pinks, a bow looks great with different shades of green, like apple, emerald and lime greens.

For the korker hair bow pictured, I did place a small amount of white, which appeared in the dotted and patterned ribbon. I found this wonderful rick rack ribbon to use with the Swiss polka dot material and solids. It adds something a bit different to the normal mix.

Pink and green bows usually match up more with spring and summer apparel. The colors tend to be a brighter mixture. However, for fall and winter, darker, richer shades of the combination can be used. For example, shocking pink and emerald green would provide a hair bow with a warm feel.

The polka dot ribbon seen on the bow in the picture is a new type for me. I ordered a small amount of this ribbon and have been very satisfied with the results. Many times, dotted grosgrain only comes with white dots. That gets boring pretty fast. I love colored polka dot grosgrain ribbon best, especially for korker hair bows.

I can create any shade pink and green korker hair bows for you. Just contact me via Etsy or Facebook for a details, price quotes and custom ordering.

Tutus - Easy Project for Kids!

By using the no sew instructions for tutus, children can make their own very easily. My 7 year old son actually made the one in the photograph for his cousin. I prefer to sew mine, but for the kids or perhaps someone who isn't too crafty or one who doesn't have a sewing machine, this is a great way to make your own tutu.

You simply stitch a piece of elastic, or get a headband that is the size needed. Many headbands stretch really well.

Get some tulle on a spool that is 6 inches wide. You can get some off the bolt that is wider, but it's rather hard to cut. For small children, the less cutting involved the better.

Decide how long you want your tutu. Take the length desired and multiple it by 2, then add about 1 inch on it. Now cut several strips of tulle that length. For example, an 8 inch tutu: 8 X 2 +1 = 17 inches. So cut the tulle into 6" X17" strips. For an easier method of cutting, Take a piece of cardboard that is 17 inches long and wrap the tulle around it several times. Then cut it at the end of one side.

Now all you do is tie slipknots all around the headband. If you are using more than one color, be sure to alternate your colors. You can make it very full, or not so full. Use as many colors as you like. If you use one of those crocheted headbands, you can layer your colors. However, be sure to get one that is sturdy. We used a cheaper one before and it fell apart.

Pillowcase Dresses

This was a custom order pillowcase dress I made for a customer's little niece. The top layer is made of a lightweight cotton light pink material. The bottom layer is a heavier weight brown with pink polka dot cotton. By placing the heavier weight fabric at the bottom, it helps the dress hang better and the wrinkles fall out better. I know not everyone enjoys ironing or even knows how this day in age.

I put some grosgrain ribbon ties in this dress because it just matched so well. I usually prefer satin so much better, as it is softer, easier to tie and looks better in my opinion on the pillowcase dresses. However, this grosgrain ribbon made by Offray ribbon company is much softer than many brands. It worked out lovely.

We wanted to use polka dots, but not so many that it overrode the simplicity of the outfit. I love the contrast in the dots. You got pink on brown and brown on pink dots.

The ribbon on the bottom is detachable for easier washing. It matches the hair bow and the set could even be used on other outfits. It's very nice to have items that are more deserve and usable to get your money's worth if your a savvy, frugal mother like me.

Great things about pillowcase dresses:

  • These dresses are great for causal wearing , but can be dressed up in a jiffy.
  • A pillowcase dress is affordable (bought or made) and has that boutique quality appeal.
  • Little girls can wear these for spring/summer as a sleeveless dress, or in the fall/winter by adding a turtle neck, button up or peter pan collared shirt.
  • The standard sized pillowcase dress can usually be used for the toddlers but used as a top with leggins as a child grows. A dress such as this can give you years of use.

Creamsicle Mini Korker Hair Bows

Creamsicle pops are such a sweet delicious treat for a hot summer day. Not only does this flavor tickle the taste-buds, the color combination is fantastic. I made these cream and pastel orange mini korker hair bows in honor of one of my favorite summer treats.

Sometimes when I make a hair bow, a certain item in my life has inspired me to make it. I love this shade or orange and cream together in a hair bow. It might be a color which is hard to match with an outfit one might already have, but sometimes a bow is just too darn cute! Then a person is compelled to buy an outfit for the bow, rather than a bow for the outfit. This might be just such an occasion. Of course, I could be bias, but I really can't imagine too many not fancying these little mini korker hair bows.

Shades of Purple Korker Hair Bows

Like pink, there are several shades of purple. These look great mixed together. Purple korker hair bows will match nearly anything that color, pink, teal, black and white.

The korker hair bows in the picture are fairly large. They measure about 3 1/2 inches wide. It doesn't sound very big, but that is diameter, so they are bigger then it sounds. These do look cute in pigtails of older girls, perhaps 4 to 8 years old. However, I believe they would over take a some toddlers head as a set. My best friend puts one on her little girl's head for a pony tail topper. It looks cute!

Any sets that I have can be broken up. They are a bit cheaper per each by the set, but some people do just need one. You could always break up a set and use one for a back up or gift. Of course, little girls grow up too =). If you are ever interested in purchases a single over a set, just contact me in my etsy shop, leave me a comment or contact me at my facebook page.

Red White & Black Korker Hair Bow

Red, white and black are such fun contrast to work with. Polka dots always go brilliantly with this selection of colors. Of course, there are many different patterns and details on apparel in these colors, we can most commonly see Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Lady Bugs done up in red, white and black.

For awhile, it seemed to me that Minnie Mouse was on the decline, but recently I've been seeing Mrs. Mouse everywhere. I seen some very cute Minnie Mouse fabric at Hobby Lobby that would make a perfect Valentine's dress. It would also work for year round, but I thought of Valentine's Day when I seen it. Usually when you see these items, you see polka dots as well. I just adore polka dots!

Lady bugs are now being done in other color schemes, but traditionally, the red, white and black are used. Lady bugs are really cute for little girls. I know many of little girls' who has their bedrooms decorated with the adorable little critters.

Skull & Crossbones Korker Hair Bow

Just because we're made of sugar and spice, doesn't mean we can't have some edge. Skull and crossbones can be ugly, but not these! These cute little skulls go great with pink, white and everything nice.

It seems the scene look is hitting on all fronts now. Big girls, little girls, babies and even women are getting in one the fun. This korker hair bow is perfect for little divas. She can show her need for frilly things, but keep the attitude.

In the future, I really hope I can start making shirts to match my hair bows. How fun would that be? For now, it will have to be a dream until I can get the machinery to do so. It's great for all of us girls (even old ones like me) to have dreams. My sassy self might have worn something like this when I was a little girl. I didn't like ruffles. Did anyone? Oh, yes my mother!

Cupcake Birthday Hair Bow

Little girls look so cute in accessories adorn with cupcakes. Although, not strictly for birthdays only, they do set the occasion nicely. I love making items for celebrations, but that can also be worn anytime. Sometimes it's such a waste to purchase a product that only gets one wear. That's one reason I've always loved Mulberry Street boutique clothing as well. Many of their items are reversible or have appliques that can be removed, like a bib type jumper.

I love making layered bows like the one in the picture, but many times only do them by custom order. They can be time consuming, depending on how many spikes and layers the hair bow has. However, when a stroke of creative genius ignites in me, these are among my favorite to make. If you're interested in a custom made bow that is over-the-top, please contact me on my etsy or facebook page. I'll be happy to construct a masterpiece for your little one.

Monogrammed Boutique Hair Bows

I'm proud that I can now monogram hair bows. With Christmas coming up, and a gang of nieces, I know what they'll be getting from Auntie. The great thing about monogrammed boutique hair bows is the versatility with the colors. I can put a green center in these bows in the pictures and change it from everyday to holiday.

I like the look of a pink bow with black lettering as well. These hair bows can be made large, like the ones picture or made in a much smaller form. My nieces like the super sized ones! Ha!

In addition to these, I can also monogram pinwheels and organizers. I hope to be able to make belts in the future and I'm currently learning how to do FOB key rings.

Funky Zebra Striped Loopy Hair Bow

Who doesn't love fun colors, wacky patterns and cook designs? With loopy hair bows the crazier, the better.

This was one of the first loopy hair bows I made. It did take a great deal of time to complete. There are just so many different layers and yards of ribbon, these bows can't be sold cheap. Have you ever wonder why loopy hair bows are so expensive?
1. Well, they have tons of ribbon. Not just cheap ribbon either. Because they use printed and texture ribbons, it can be some of the most expensive. Some even have elaborate buttons, pins and feathers on them.
2. Time - It can take more than an hour to complete a loopy hair bow of this caliber. This zebra one isn't as extreme as many on the market and it took me over an hour to make.
3. While the bow isn't too difficult for the advance bow maker, I can't imagine making one of these without a few years of experience and it turning out very well. Making this bow made my hands ache for days!

These bows are really extreme, loud and adorable, but you should expect to pay someone what it's worth!

My First Korker Hair Bows

I've been making korker hair bows going on 10 years. I've tinkered with this method and that method. What I've learned best is that some people prefer one style over another. Some people like theirs fuller, while others like theirs smaller.

This green and white set of korker hair bows was one of my first sets. I was very pleased with the colors of apple green mixed with the white, and also the solids with stripes and polka dots. I mean, who doesn't love polka dots? It's been a long journey since this first pair, but I've enjoyed every step of the way.

I have to tell a funny story of my best friend helping me curl the ribbon. She curled the ribbon in the opposite direction that I did. We are both right handed, so I'm not sure how that happened. We got a laugh out of it.

Huge Boutique Hair Bows

To wear or not to wear?

Does size matter when it comes to hair bows? Of course! Some people say the bigger the hair bow the better, will others say small is just right, and there are the medium boutique hair bow type of people.

My nieces love to sport their huge accessories. They are pure diva and princesses! What size hair bow should you let your child wear? Well, of course weight is a factor but I think it's best to evaluate the personality of the child. For example my diva and princesses are expressive and girlie type girls. They wouldn't look right wearing tiny bows. On the other hand, my friend's daughter is more rugged and outdoorsy. Seeing her in big accessories just wouldn't be, well her.

Don't pay attention to what anyone else thinks. If you and your daughter like the huge boutique bows, go for it! To each her own when it comes to accessories and being a princess!

Apple Green Mini Korker Hair Bows

In the past it seemed we didn't have much to pick from when it come to color choices. Green seemed to be a yucky color. Now, with so many eye pleasing shades, it's hard to pick just one.

Apple green is one of my favorite shades. It's a bit darker than lime, but still bright and fun enough not to be considered yucky green. It looks brilliant with pinks, orange and yellow. It even looks great mixed with red for a real apple combination. I've also used this shade green in some of red, white and green Christmas bows.

Shocking Pink Mini Korker Hair Bows

Shocking pink has by far been one of the most popular colors, alone or mixed in with other colors. Not only is it a great color for spring and summer, it also goes great with fall and winter items too. It's a versatile color that can be mixed with orange and greens for a fresh, cool look, or with browns and neutrals for a warmer look.

Some people confuse shocking pink and hot pink. There is a notable difference when the two are side by side. The shocking pink is a deeper, more rich pink than hot pink, which is lighter and brighter. Both are fun!

This color goes well with black, orchid, apple and lime green, orange and brown. Though, it's not limited to those. The possibilities are endless for color combination's.

Lime and Shocking Pink Pillowcase Dress

This was my first attempt at making a pillowcase dress. I know it isn't the best out there, but I was proud of my first attempt. I ended up giving this dress to my sweet little niece. She was proud to wear it and put it on as soon as I gave it to her.

I plan to make more of these in future. I also plan to make sets of dresses, hair bows and flip flops all to match. There just isn't enough hours in the day!

Tropical Summer Korker Hair Bow

Bright and fun curls all in a variety of tropical colors can only mean one thing, summer! These look so great on flip flips and ponytails during the summer time. Goes great with little sundresses and short sets.

Both of my nieces have a set of these fun korker hair bows. I made them some matching flip flops. They wear them when they go to the pool. Don't worry, my korkers stay curled even when wet!

Crimson & Golden Rod Hair Bows

These mini korker hair bows are great for matching up school colors. This pair of hair bows were made to match USC. I believe they would also match pretty close to Havard's school colors.

Little girls look so cute dressed in their collegiate outfits. Sweatshirts, t-shirts or those adorable little cheerleader outfits go great with mini korker hair bow sets to match. If you're not a huge fan of college or professional sports, elementary and high schools of your county or city are happy to see fan support. Go Team Go!

Christmas Holiday Mini Korker Hair Bows

What better way to spread Christmas cheer with little mini holiday pompoms? These korkers are great with holiday outfits. Red, green and white set the stage for these adorable little korkers.

This set has so far, been one of my top 3 sellers, if not #1. I've had grandmother's buy them for all of their granddaughters to wear in Christmas photos. What a great idea!

Some more traditional holiday wear is more of a cranberry or burgundy color with the deeper green, forest or hunter. I'm working on getting the ribbon in to make a cranberry, forest and ivory set for those outfits. Of course I can make these in whichever combination a person might want... red, forest, white... red and emerald... etc.

Two Color Hair Bows

Can't decide which color pink to go with? Try two shades on one bow. A duo colored hair bow is perfect for those who can't decide or outfits with multiple shades of a color. Of course it also works with contrasting colors for a vivid effect. Now you don't have to decide if you should match the outfit with a pink or brown bow, get both colors in one bow. I can make these in virtually any size or color.

Yellow and Black Mini Korker Hair Bows

Buzz... Buzz... goes the little yellow and black bumble bee...

These cute little mini korker puffs are great for bumble bee costumes and outfits. They are also great for supporting sports teams of the duo of colors.

I had a mother buy a set of these for her little girl's Halloween costume. It was adorable! Just wished I had a picture of the sweet little bumble bee.