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Here you'll find my ramblings about hair bows, crafts and boutique chatter for children. In the past, I ran a children's boutique. While the recession forced the doors closes, I've never given up my passion for hair bows, smocking, dresses, etc...

With 10 years experience of hair bow making and designing, my specialty has become mini korker hair bows. While I still make hair bows of all shapes, sizes and forms, my niche is korkers. Currently, these bows are for sell directly, at craft shows, on Etsy and eBay. When time allows I do custom orders. I will also consider wholesale and retailer orders of my korker hair bows and my Facebook page. Please inquire if interested or find me at my Esty or Facebook page. Thanks for visiting!

How to Make a Hair Bow for Daisy Scouts

Learn how to make a hair bow for your little Daisy Scout!

I put together this tutorial so that mother and/or scout leaders can make hair bows for the Daisies. This is pretty simple as long as you have some patience. I made this one rather large just for the purpose of the tutorial. You might want to scale your Daisy Scout hair bow down.

Supplies Needed:
  • 10 grosgrain ribbon stripes that match Daisy Scout colors (these are cut 7 inches long in this tutorial, but I made one using 6 inch ribbons after)
  • Lighter to seal the ribbon
  • Long needle and embroidery floss
  • Small piece of felt (optional)
  • Got glue or fabric glue
  • Buttons or other garnish for the center
  • Hair clips, bands, etc..
Step 1:
Gather your supplies and seal the edges of the ribbon. Do this by quickly running the ends of the ribbon through the flame of the lighter. *Make sure your ribbon is 100% polyester or else!*
Step 2:
Arrange the ribbons in the "color wheel" of the Daisy Scout.
-Green, light pink, lavender, light blue, yellow, bright green, red, orange, purple and hot pink

Step 3:
Beginning with the first color on your "wheel", fold the ribbon strip in half.

Step 4:
Now fold the edges over on each side, lining the ribbon up on all ends. It will resemble a heart, sort of. *Picture explains this better*
Step 5:
Run the bottom edges through a piece of thread, placing it in the middle of the thread.

Step 6:
Continue doing step 5 for all of the ribbons, being sure to hold them all near the middle of the strand of thread.

Step 7:
Once you have finished all of the ribbons, you can might want to put a small dot of glue between the ribbons and then tie them in a circle OR tie them off in a circle, then add the glue.Be sure you don't tie the ribbon off too tightly though. If you are gluing your bow to a large hard surface, like a plastic headband, you can wait and glue it on there. However, I glue mine onto a small felt circle to hold the shape after I tie it off. This worked well for me. The flower hair bow needs some sort of support.

Step 8:
Once your flower structure is secure, you can add a middle by using a button, flower, or some other type of garnish. *The one I used is just something I had on hand, wasn't the best pick*

*You can also fan out your hair bow as seen in the picture, but do that before gluing it together!

Step 9:
Attach your made to match Daisy Scout hair bow to a clip, headband, etc.. You can also make a brooch out of these or attach them to a hat, even flip flops. *You might want to do a better job than me at aligning the colors, I didn't pay attention when I glued it down until it was too late.*

Please visit my Etsy store for hair bows. I plan to include a full line of "Made to Match Girl Scouts" hair bows and accessories as I find time to add them to my library. In the meantime, you can contact me at my shop or my facebook page about custom orders.

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